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Meet The Milwaukee Wedding DJ Company & The Chicago Wedding DJ

So what makes The Milwaukee Wedding DJ Company & The Chicago Wedding DJ Company stand out amongst the other DJ options?  For starters, we intentionally keep our size small since we are firm believers in quality over quantity.  Unlike a lot of the bigger DJ companies in the area, we don't contract out our events to any one of a dozen different DJs within the company.  Matt, Jay, Ken, Tom & Chris have over 50 years of wedding entertainment experience; by only having the 'best of the best' on our team we know that the quality of your event is guaranteed.    You also get piece of mind knowing that your DJ will be a veteran M.C. with tons of wedding experience and not, potentially, some college-kid with banged-up gear who doesn't know how to interact with a crowd and thinks playing "Black Velvet" is a great wedding reception song (actual horror story we heard from a different company last year!).  

From the technical aspect, we have a thorough knowledge of lighting and sound system setup and understand each wedding reception and venue requires a unique setup. Through our years of experience, we take into account the size of the room, the acoustics of the room, whether it’s indoor or outdoor, ceiling height and many other factors to create optimal lighting and sound setup. Rookie DJs haphazardly setup their equipment without putting much thought into it. Proper setup is the number one key to producing an amazing experience. No one knows wedding receptions and setup better than The Milwaukee Wedding DJ Company.  Just showing up, quickly setting up, and playing some loud music isn’t going to cut it for your wedding night. This is your special night, we want to generate an atmosphere a bit classier than that of the local club scene (even when we do ultimately dance the night away in the same fashion!).

Weddings are a celebration of your love for one another and the new life you will be enjoying together. We know intuitively from experience the precise moments to slow it down and then speed it up again.  Just read our reviews, we have a consistent reputation for keeping dance floors packed from start to finish!



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