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Milwaukee Wedding DJ Company and Chicago Wedding DJ Reception Music

If The Milwaukee Wedding DJ is known for one thing, its for throwing an awesome dance party; at the heart of that is one thing: great music!  Like most modern DJs we have an expansive digital playlist with most of the big dance hits.  Whatever we don't have already in our playlist we can access via the internet through our music subscription service, so virtually any song is always at our fingertips every night.  UNLIKE most modern DJ's, though, we don't send you to an online portal with 10 million songs and tell you to go select the music you want for your reception: you're paying good money for a quality DJ, that's kind of our job!  

Of course, we want you to select your music for the ceremony (if being covered) as well as your first dance, grand march, etc.  We'll send you a basic questionnaire ahead of time where you can communicate all of that to us.  On that same questionnaire, though, we'll have a simple section for you to give us your 'Must Have playlist' as well as (almost more importantly to most couples...) your "Do Not Play List!".  We've found these work best by giving us 5-10 songs for each and then give genres to play or avoid and let us build playlists off of that.

Here's what we don't do:

  • Only play the music we want to hear, disregarding what you and guests prefer
  • Still use CDs (yes, actually still happens) prone to skipping and delaying flexibility with transitions
  • Play anything that we know will kill a dancefloor
  • Play tons of old cliche 'wedding songs' (see: chicken dance, hokey pokey...)


Bottom line:  we want to know what you and your guests are going to dance to and then we're going to make playlists that accomplish that goal!


Contact The Milwaukee Wedding DJ Company or The Chicago Wedding DJ to start the process or call 414-202-3675 and we will send you the wedding music selection form.