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The Milwaukee Wedding DJ Company Frequently Asked Questions

When planning your wedding or special event there are many things to take into account, including music genres, song selections, lighting, and other special entertainment enhancements. Below are a list of questions we commonly receive from our Milwaukee Wedding DJ Company clients. Read below to see if your questions are answered. Any questions not covered below can be answered using The Milwaukee Wedding DJ contact form. Or call us at 414-202-3675. When you schedule an initial consultation we will discuss any other questions, concerns or ideas you have.

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Great Question.  Over the hundreds of weddings we've done, the best way to summarize our style is "Engaging & Accommodating Without Upstaging or Ego".  Have you been to weddings where the DJ thinks the day is about them and is talking non-stop?  Refuses to take song requests?  Tries to be funny but comes off as lame?  Exaggerates their voices to sound like they're hosting a 1950's radio broadcast (unironically)?

Yeah, we're not those guys.  The night is about YOU and your family & friends having a great, memorable evening.  We will do whatever it takes to make that happen, be it playing your favorite traditional Italian wedding song, poking a little light fun at the groomsmen singing along to "I Want it That Way" just a little too loudly, or dancing with Aunt June cause she doesn’t have a polka partner! 


Basically, we go out of our way to be genuine and fun while making sure it’s a night you will never forget. 

A: Our systems require (1) 120 vac/20 amp grounded electrical outlet. Almost all venues are equipped with these standard outlets.  Our Milwaukee and Madison DJs will ensure everything is setup properly prior to the start of your event for superior and flawless entertainment.

A: Our Milwaukee or Madison DJs provide a sound system and DJ service for the ceremony as an optional item.  As long as the ceremony is at the same location as the reception we typically will cover music for the ceremony as well. 

A: We cover the event!  Any announcements you need to make can be done through us or yourself using our wireless mic system.  Additionally, this same system will be available to you for use during blessings and toasts.

A: The Milwaukee Wedding DJ is the parent company of The Madison, Dubuque and Chicago Wedding DJ (respectively), so if you draw a line between those 4 areas, we pretty much cover everything in between.  Just let us know where your event is and we can negotiate something fair if its going to be a hike for us to get there!    

A: The Milwaukee Wedding DJ Company charges by the event, prices are determined accordingly.  We think it's silly to charge by the hour for such an important event, so when you're booking The Milwaukee Wedding DJ, you're getting us for the whole event!  While each event is different, generally this includes: Cocktail hour, Dinner Music and Reception.  Ceremony coverage can be covered as well provided its on location with the reception (as with everything, we'd hash out the details with you as needed). 

A: The Milwaukee DJ Company requires $200 down initially and the remaining balance due 30 days prior to the event (unless paid in cash, then the balance is due the day of event, prior to the festivities).

A: No, absolutely not!  The Milwaukee Wedding DJ Company is upfront about all costs from the very beginning.

A: Only if it is a venue we haven't played before, in which case yes, our Milwaukee or Madison DJs would like to meet you at the venue to review event details. We schedule a time to meet at the venue and go over the details to ensure there are no last minute changes. We do everything possible to ensure your night goes off as planned, without a hitch!

A: We've got this!  This might be the most common stressor for engaged couples when talking to DJs, but The Milwaukee Wedding DJs have been doing this for a long time and we know from this experience how to read crowds and adjust music preferences accordingly.  You DO NOT need to worry about what music to play at your reception (that's why you hired someone after all, right?), but certainly if there are specific songs you want to hear (or don't want to hear...) we will cover those for sure! 

A: Thanks to all of us basically having a computer in our pockets, Our Madison and Milwaukee wedding DJs can play anything provided on a phone, iPod or available on the internet. Typically if you know ahead of time of a special song you want played we will cover that in our questionnaire we have you complete in advance of your big day.  If we get to the night of the reception and you would love to hear something that happens to not be in our play list, no worries, we can stream it as long we have signal!

A: You bet! Our DJs do whatever it takes to make sure you’re comfortable and confident that the entertainment we’re providing for your big event will make you happy!  All of our companies (Milwaukee, Madison, Dubuque and Chicago Wedding DJ) are happy to arrange a consultation either in person or over the phone to discuss your needs.

A: Absolutely!! The Milwaukee Wedding DJ does everything possible to make sure your big night goes perfectly and there are no unwanted surprises.